He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.-Psalm 147:3

At some point in our lives we all experience some form of emotional brokenness. Many of us struggle with various emotional and mental cracks and barriers for years because we choose to exist in our brokenness.

When a centerpiece made of glass falls and hits the ground, broken pieces of glass are scattered all over the floor and we are forced to tread carefully in order to avoid getting cut.

Most times when we hit the ground and our emotions and feelings are scattered all over the place, we choose not to deal with what troubles us on the inside, because it’s too painful, so we allow our shattered pieces to be dispersed patiently waiting to cut anyone that comes close. We chose to focus on certain things in our lives that make it seem like we have it all together when in reality we are broken and scattered. We fail to see that by us existing in our brokenness we are contributing to breaking others, whether it is with the intent to do so or not.

We try to play God in situations that only He can repair. No matter how hard we try to pick up the pieces by ourselves or allow others to do so, we will fail at it because we are not meant to do so. When we pick up the pieces we aim to do one of two things either; 1 we try to create the exact centerpiece we once were or 2 we just don’t bother to think about it because suppressing our emotions is the best way to avoid getting hurt and being vulnerable again.

We cannot repair ourselves we can only be willing to allow God to come in our hearts and repair what has been broken by going through the process of complete surrenderance, the uncomfortability of vulnerability and being able to trust in… Click To Tweet

Too many of us are focused on being the centerpiece we once were when God intends on us becoming a masterpiece. God’s word says that He will bring forth something new… He will make a river in the desert. He does not say He will remove the desert and replace it with the river which is exactly like us. God will take our broken pieces, our hurt and our pain and create something new, He will remove a few pieces He knows we no longer need and add a few new pieces we do need in order to complete the masterpiece.

Always keep in mind, that the centerpiece I refer to in the text is made of glass, when it falls and breaks it’s still glass, we are God’s children His DNA is within us. When we fall and break His DNA is still within us and His love for us is unconditional. There is absolutely nothing in this world that He cannot repair. When I found myself stuck in a really dark and painful place I was forced to be honest, not only with God but with myself too.

Telling God exactly how we feel is not for Him to get a better understanding of us (God already knows everything about us), instead it allows us to let go of those feelings keeping us bound, because when we become honest with our feelings by expressing it to God we move into the process of surrendering those feelings to Him, which allows Him to enter into our hearts. We often feel much better once we have spoken out about how we truly feel, because we were not designed to keep our emotions bottled up nor to be imprisoned by harmful thoughts and feeling, Let go and Let God. And no, I am not talking about sitting right in front in church pretending to have it all together, I’m talking about your secret place with God allowing Him into every single part of your life, the good, the bad, the ugly. The Lord does not want perfect people. He created us, so He knows we are far from perfect; don’t give me pretense, give Him the real you.

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