Womanhood! The POWER of SHE to become and conquer: In the midst of all challenges life presents, SHE perseveres with HOPE and unmeasurable STRENGTH.

The transition from a girl into a woman can be a bitter sweet one, met with unplanned challenges and pleasant life experiences. Given the power and wisdom to become better versions of ourselves, the ability and the strength to overcome obstacles comes naturally to us, fuelled with purpose, dedication and support. We walk this journey of life with uncertainties, hoping for a better, promising and blissful future. It is therefore befitting to teach young girls to be assertive, bold and confident. They should be equipped with proper, adequate and authentic leadership skills to help them transition into women with great qualities. We are of course and without any doubt born leaders!

A woman is a special creation that has ever graced the earth. She was created to nurture, to love, to build, to multiply and to conquer. A woman is a full circle of herself, born with a heart of a thousand women in her. The word woman is derived from the word Womb. This explains the divine purpose that God has instilled in each one of us. Wombman, equals a woman with a womb. A life giver, a nurturer smeared with wisdom, power and grace. The moral slumber we witness of women being attacked on a daily basis must be addressed and be revolutionised.

As we grow up we plant seeds of memories, from playing dress up with our dolls, attending doctor consultations, cooking sessions, playing wedding celebrations or even mimicking our favourite singing stars. All these memories find space in our subconscious mind that we are able to reflect and become professionals of the plays we portrayed growing up. For example, from mimicking a doctor, one may become a professional one. The time to occupy spaces of leadership is now!

woman is a full circle of herself, born with a heart of a thousand women in her. The word woman is derived from the word Womb. Click To Tweet

Empathy serves as an enabling factor in human relationsderived from the principles of Botho/Ubuntu, which validates relatability amongst women beings and that would eventually lead to collective engagements on women empowerment and collective prosperity. Womanhood does not run solo, instead it needs collective efforts of powerful women with purpose and drive as enablers that will continue to tell authentic stories of support, collective victory and success. Humanity within womanity is a reality in our lifetime, it is the birth of the β€œPull Her Up Syndrome” and winning together as a collective

It is sad that in our lifetime womanhood is impacted by many challenges. Β These challenges steal our opportunity to become greater beings or reach our ultimate potential. The inequality we experience in the professional and entrepreneurial space, pay gaps and lack of funding in any particular adventure is very much appalling. Lack of transformation in the organisations we work for; and ongoing sexual harassments that demeans our dignity in the working environment is atrocious.

Womenity is at war, our dignity is constantly snatched away from us, we walk and live in constant fear, our womanhood is constantly attacked, our Freedom of Expression is constantly monitored and questioned, but still we find hope in engaging uplifting collective conversations and unity. We find hope and courage in the power of one voice and support. We also find hope in knowing that the one we pray to, is nearer to us, God.

Amid the challenges life brings at our doorsteps, it also presents us with the opportunity to seek God, to fear him and embrace his wisdom. Life presents us with opportunities to appreciate it, to cherish it and treat it well with gratitude. It presents us with an opportunity to come together as acollective and win at it. It is our responsibility as humanity and womenity to give back at life. We therefore kill the spirit of negative thinking, it is time to give birth to I CAN attitude and put on our winning stilettos and win!

Womanhood is every woman. It is a space that allows women to become who they really want to be and celebrate themselves as they are. It is accompanied by many senses; senses of spirituality, humility, strength and will power. It bears the image of Ubuntu and collective prosperity that is in all of us.

A woman is a sister to everyone!

A woman is one of the greatest forces of nature!

A woman is a force to be reckoned with!

In these trying times of hate crimes against women in our society, we hope and pray for protection from the divine power. We ask that we get equal treatment and equal opportunities.

We also seek justice to those who have been affected by all these issues against being a woman.

We just want to be simply women and flourish as nature intends. We are women and we are creation.

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