We are shaped by our experiences,our mistakes and ultimately how God has moulded us to be. There is such a strong societal narrative that influences us concerning our being,on who we are supposed to be apart from what God says about us.

We live in a digital world that gives us different facets of ideas,culture that is applicable virtually,and presentations that have been altered to fit the virtual world.We get to compare ourselves in one way or the other and this has had such a strong impact on our lives holistically. Apart from “why isn’t my life like this?”, “how can I be like them?” we question who God has made us to become. We question the narrative around our lives. We question God’s great purpose and find ourselves feeling insufficient or sometimes too different to even lead his purpose.

My recent challenge has been “am I too much” ,”should I give up this to fit in the ‘perfect’ societal aesthetic?” and the answer is NO!

Do not forsake what makes you different to fit in. What if your sole purpose is based on that which makes you different? Dare to be different. Dare to be bold. Embrace who God has created you to be. He makes no mistakes. He knows what he is doing.Good

We are constantly questioning God’s perfect plan because of our experiences, our fears,our mistakes and abandon it to enjoy comfortability and familiarity.Sometimes the struggle is to marry who God says we are and where we are presently. Sometimes because of our past experiences,we are tempted to change. Is that even possible?

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There is a purpose for our lives. A destiny set apart solely for you. There is a greater reason for your life,pursue it! We constantly mention how different our paths are ,how unique or journies are however, we shrink ourselves into fitting in the norms of society. Give up the idea of how or who the world wants you to be. Give up the idea of how you should act. Do not allow certain standards to become your limit,especially if they are not biblical standards. You are an entire powerful force! Embrace your difference and let God do his work through you.

Embrace God’s perfect plan. If it does not match with your age,your background or whatever you compare it to,it is okay! Again,God does not make mistakes.

Here are some truths and realizations ,opposite to what our minds preach to us and what the world teaches:

1. When you fail to embrace what makes you different,you might be forsaking what will lead you to your purpose and you are suggesting that God was mistaken with how he has designed you and your journey .

2. Be careful whose report you believe. God’s report should have the ultimate power over your life.

3. You cannot change how God sees you regardless of your current circumstances. He sees you as worthy,enough and deserving of the best. He sees a vessel that can carry and channel his purpose regardless of the challenges that may come your way.

4. You are powerful enough to carry the vision that is in you. You are powerful enough to change the world. You are powerful enough to shake and shift the atmosphere in the spiritual and physical world,in accordance to what God has instilled in you.

5.Dream big,chase what the world says is beyond you. In belief of God’s word,act big.

6. Do not worship people’s opinions. The Israelites failed to enter Canaan due to the worshipping an opinion of men over what God had said over them. (Numbers 13)

7.Embrace your difference. It may come with separation. It may come with attention but embrace it.

Closing with this;Β In the book of Jeremiah 1, God called a young man by the name of Jeremiah into his purpose at such a young age. Theologians or biblical scholars suggest that he was only seventeen years young. Jeremiah stated his impediments and he challenged God’s word about him(isn’t that what we do?).Had Jeremiah believed and bowed down to his perception of himself and his limitations , he was not going to be an honorable prophet that would bring a needed word for his season of ministry.

I am going to embrace God’s perfect plan,including myself. I am going to stand firm in my confidence of who God has made me to be. I’m going to embrace my difference and affirm my insecurities with God’s word. How about you?


π—ͺπ—₯π—œπ—§π—§π—˜π—‘ 𝗕𝗬: Musa Buthelezi
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