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It’s ok to feel TIRED…

Pamela Madonsela shares about her experience as a mom of two, who is tired of virtual meetings and being a mom in general.

The past year has been an interesting one for me as a mom of two, a wife and a professional who has been working from home for exactly a year. 2020 proved to be unpredictable for everyone, from being pregnant and scared to give birth in hospital because of COVID-19, to being introduced to new ways of doing things like virtual meetings and my toddler being promoted to big sister, it all happened so fast and we sometimes forget to take a step back, reflect, recharge and continue. As a mother, it’s totally ok to feel tired.

We live in a society that expects women to juggle everything from managing the home, to looking after the kids (3 kids including my husband of course), focusing on work but one crucial thing that is lost in all of this is focusing on YOURSELF apart from everything, as cliché as it sounds but, a happy mom means happy kids, right?

My mornings are the craziest, dealing with a moody toddler who sometimes doesn’t want to get ready for school and a 8 month old who is the busiest and needs to be watched every minute and trying to do all of this before the craziness of online meetings start- I am sometimes overwhelmed and feel like this is all too much even though my husband does help here and there but wow, the two little humans in my life can really be too much too handle.

I recently went hiking with a young adult’s group from church and left the kids with my mother in love – the few hours away from the kids or should I say the madness at how total bliss were, I even shared to the ladies that I feel so refreshed (not that I hate my kids) but time away from everything is needed. Are you a tired mom like me? Here’s how you can better manage the madness, make some me time and be the best mom to your beautiful kids who demand your attention the minute they see you. I will not tough on how my privacy is invaded even during my trips to the toilet.

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1. Wake up early

Getting to do some stuff whilst everyone is asleep is something I have mastered, from cleaning the house in the odd hours of the night and catching up on work is s system that could work for you too if you are a mom who is working from home.

2. Get help with the kids

I always say, If I could afford a live-in nanny, I would definitely have one. You need help with the kids sometimes. At home, hubby is better with the toddler, so I live somethings for him to do whilst I take care of the little. No matter how little it can seem, having someone to help you is vital.

3. Do something you love

Your happiness and wellbeing are important, go pamper yourself or cuddle with your favorite book anything to make you feel good. I do not remember the last time I went on a date night with hubby because of the kids, it is something I am planning to do soon, as I have mentioned before, time away from the little humans is needed, I cannot stress this enough.

The list is endless and will vary according to each mama! But do not ever feel like you are a bad mom just because you are tired and overwhelmed. It is normal, you are not a superhuman. Your kids want a healthy mom to help them grow so, do not neglect yourself, stop going to the shops where you planned to buy yourself a nice pair of jeans and you end up in the kids’ section (I know this sounds familiar to most of you). You are enough mama, and you are doing an amazing job.


Love and light

A tired mom of two


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