Young and spiritually Inspired Ambassadors is a group of young ladies who speak of God’s truths in action. We pride ourselves to be representatives of heaven through evangelism and sharing with world examples of God’s Love and greatly His word. We reflect what we preach and live it daily priding ourselves with dignity. We believe that the change that we want to see all begins with a step of Faith, prayer and meditating on the truths of God. In unity we hold hands in committing to what will serve as a ladder of hope to those who yearn to receive the gift of Christ through us as His vessels of Blessings.

The opportunity to be part of the Young and Spiritually Inspired Ambassadors is for young people to articulate their skills well within the organization and to learn more on emotional intelligence and being respectful to each other and those who have been given the vision. Being a YSI AMBASSADORS is to support the Founder implement the vision of the organisation through events and causes.


The Young and Spiritually Inspired team remains the driving force behind the brand sacrificing their time, their personal finances and their energy consistently showing humility and selflessness. Unity is the driving force for the YSI AMBASSADOR, because without uniting and striving for exellence, they discharge God’s vision.


The organisations greatest goal is to have Young and Spiritually Inspired Ambassadors all over the world representing a united vision of what we stand for.We would like to see varied leader carry out the vision in their countries and being called for a Higher standard of living.


We aim to have progragrammes that will unite the word of God and the community in love; we are agents of God here on earth submitting to His will to draw all man Nigh to Him. We aim to adopt an orphanage in which we will work with, convene Spiritual poetry sessions, uniting with Christian youth who are gifted with writing poetry to recite and write spiritual poetry, to give off hope to the world in a unique way.