Young and Spiritually Inspired (YSI) is an organisation aimed at spiritually empowering teenagers and young adults, grounded upon Christian beliefs. We empower young lives through a holistic approach encompassing socio-economic, emotional intelligence, spiritual guidance and knowledge empowerment aspects. The primary objective of the organisation is to develop the high-end leadership talent of young males and females through hosting varied events that will empower them. We also use digital engagement to target our audience throughout the world.




An effective Leadership and Empowerment organisation that advances the healthy growth and capacity of young men and women across the world.




Empower young men and females with knowledge, research, spiritual mentorship, advocacy and leadership training skills with the view to claim and occupy meaningful positions and be effective agents of change in their societies, hosting events with conversations that speak on what we stand on, Self-love, Education, No Domestic Violence, and nurturing Christian Spiritually.


Redress existing injustices and bring about change of image and self-perception among the youth in South Africa with the objective of impacting the world at large, in how spiritual matters are perceived , we aim to show the world that it is possible to be in Christ.



To create an effective Forum for young people across South Africa and the rest of Africa that will articulate the needs of young women and teenagers across all sectors of the society.


Provide organisational and personal development skills for young people, morally sound advice driven by scriptural guidance and partnering with other speakers and organizations to impact lives and leave a legacy of excellence.

Bring matters concerning young people before the public for inclusive problem-solving.

Promote and advocate for young people’s interests and concerns everywhere.



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