I would like to recommend YSI[Young and Spiritually Inspired], especially because the organisation is led by someone who subscribed to high moral standards, virtues, and principles. Buli Mpinda is the epitome of resilience. She continues to stretch young people to develop capacity in high values in order to navigate life’s challenges, but also to find true meaning and be more selfless. This organisation has stood the test of time and continues to be both relevant and meaningful to all young people.



This is the story on my journey as a YSI ambassador. It all started on a cozy day when all three ambassadors were to meet the founder, Bulelwa as we called her then, and each other. We quickly got acquainted and soon started to bond over good hearty meals and bottomless hot chocolates. Chats aside, we had a mission that we shared and we were determined to see it through. Coming from different walks of life we came together to continue the work that YSI had already started: Expanding a community of young people who were rooted in their faith. Fast forward Bulelwa became “B” and our sisterhood grew within the group. Nompumelelo quickly crept into my heart as the dynamite you’ve always heard comes in small packages. Tshimologo was also a girl close to my heart and we shared a commonality: we get things done. We became sisters. Our community of four thrived and supported each other which means we were all collectively supporting the bigger mission.

Our Women of Significance event allowed me to exercise my MCing muscle. Our Pad Drive and delivery allowed us to give back to a home that houses young girls in need of a safe haven, what a joy the young ladies were. I will not lie, our photoshoots were pretty fun and brought out the models and stylist in all of us.

I’ll forever cherish my time at YSI. It is a truly incredible network of young people serving young people. A rare picture in this dog-eat-dog and every-man-for-himself type world. I hope God continues to bless the organisation and the hands that come together in its sake.


Bulelwa Mpinda, is a fascinating young woman, she brings together young professional and community leaders on social media, with an agenda of having them facilitate and contributes to the writing of a blog called “Young and Spiritually Inspired.” The Blog is on various community outreach topics and programmes such as on Personal Financial Knowledge and Planning, Dating, Marriage, Charity etc. all aimed at impacting positively the youth of Soweto. Her strength is in her ability to: 1.Treat others exactly as she would like to be treated. 2. Take every available opportunity to help her community. 3, Be circumspect with her promises 4. Counsel closely with her volunteering contributors 5. Let others have the credit.


There is so much weight that lies in being chosen and called for a higher purpose. So when I was chosen to be part of the YSI Ambassadors for 2019, I began to question my purpose. Will I be enough? Am I really what they are looking for?
For some time these thoughts encompassed my mind. This was up until I got to know the other chosen ambassadors, Kgalalelo Letoaba, Tshimologo Moloto, and the founder, Bulelwa Mpinda. Truly, phenomenal women. You know when God tries to tell you the secret only He knows about your life; you cannot trust that information with just anybody. You are going to need prayer warriors. People beside you who will show up on your behalf, people who have the same values as you, and that is what YSI did for me. In between visiting children’s orphanage, hosting auspicious events and pad drives among other events; I found a sisterhood like no other. One that showed humility, selflessness and relentless compassion. Who am I to question such a union? It filled me with leadership, wisdom and resilience. Being a part of YSI guided intentional purpose in my decisions and overall, in my life.

I am honoured to have been part of this precious organisation. All I can see for Young and Spiritually Inspired from here is favour.