Gifted To Serve



Gifted to Serve is an initiative run by the Young and Spiritually Inspired organization,our main ethos is to help the communities with their immediate needs. We are moved to serve where we can an impact lives not only through prayer yet minister in giving


Join The GIFTED TO SERVE INITIATIVE  by becoming a Young and Spiritually Inspired  monthly partner. For a monthly gift of R 250



As part of GIFTED TO SERVE , your monthly donations will help ensure our faith-based organization thrive in helping us reach all  our goals this year, providing women opportunities to engage in their faith with one another and empowering leaders who will carry His love into the world far beyond graduation.



In return, we’ll share the stories of the youths  whose lives are touched by your generosity. You’ll hear all about the joy, confidence and hope you are helping to create.  


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